Let the Canary Sing

The canary saved thousands of lives as the first effective gas monitor in coalmines. After the introduction of electronic gas monitors, “canary in a coal mine” has become a metaphor for early warning systems. This is especially relevant in the areas of environmental protection and climate change. In order to explore the relevance of the canary metaphor in modern society, the Gasonic Group is excited to offer our free presentation, Let the Canary Sing.
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Let the Canary Sing is a series of educational presentations based on our vision of ‘Healthy Buildings on a Sustainable Planet’. We offer a variety of presentations tailored to the specific needs of various stakeholders. Whether your business is concerned with energy conservation and health and safety, or you just want to learn more about future technologies for sustainability, Let the Canary Sing is a great way to learn about the future of green initiatives. We even offer presentations for schools to help our kids become aware of the climate change and the technologies that will define their generation.
The presentations we offer are:

Managing Buildings for Efficient Sustainability

For: Property Managers, Operation Managers, Building Operators, Condo Boards

Learn about:
  • The legal regulations that govern commercial building air quality
  • How to comply with all provincial health and safety regulations
  • Voluntary compliance to Environmental, Health and Safety standards
  • How to understand the differences between various regulations and standards
  • Different gas detection technologies and how to choose one that will minimize incidents.
  • How an ineffective gas monitors can compromise healthy air and increase energy costs in your building.
  • How to earn a 30% return on a sustainable project in your building

Developing Sustainable Buildings for the Future

For: Property Developers and Consulting Engineers

Learn About:
  • Review of the building code regarding gas monitoring and control
  • Review of regulations and standards for indoor air quality in different types of buildings.
  • Analysis of the various regulations and standards for hazardous gas detection and air quality.
  • Review of current gas detection technologies and how to best apply them to solve air quality problems.
  • How to write bulletproof specifications to eliminate incidents, adhere to all legal requirements, and reduce liability.
  • Revolutionary, forward-thinking ideas on health, safety and sustainability in commercial buildings.

A Greener Tomorrow

For: Schools, Students, Summer Camps

Learn About:
  • Current fuel technologies for vehicles such as hybrid, electric and internal combustion engines
  • Introduction to future mobility technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell, advanced electric and self-driving cars
  • Interactive hands-on experience with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or zero-emission Nissan Leaf electric vehicle
  • Real time demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell technology with scale size model vehicle

Energy in the Future: An Environmental Roundtable

For: Anyone who is interested in energy and climate change

Learn About:
  • The history of alternative energy and why the time has finally come for their implementation
  • Current regulations and upcoming changes that will affect the way we source our energy
  • Technologies, both present and future, that will help us build a more sustainable planet
  • An open and honest discussion about the truths and myths of climate change

To book any one of our presentations, or to learn more about the Gasonic Group’s commitment to education, please do not hesitate to contact us.