Corporate Responsibility

Corporate, social and environmental responsibility – A message from our CEO
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Social responsibility for Alberta

I believe it is the responsibility of current business leaders to offer opportunities for the next generation, and to accept short term personal sacrifice for the long term sustainability of a strong Alberta. Having lived in Alberta since 1980s, I am passionate about seeing our province maintain its position as an economic leader. I have made it one of my goals to encourage economic innovation, and inspire the young people who will make up the workforce of tomorrow.

Environmental responsibility for Canada

I believe in clean air for our buildings’ ‘Inmosphere’ as well as for our planet’s atmosphere. Although the hazardous gas monitoring business relies on combustion engines, I am passionate about moving our world towards zero emissions vehicles. I have personally driven hybrid vehicles (Gas/Electric) for 15 years, and have driven a fully electric car for 2 years. Teaching the next generation about the future of mobility and its impact on emissions is a personal passion, and I hope to educate the public through events supported by the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta. In addition, our Calgary office is a Net Zero Emissions workplace, using only sustainable energy provided by bullfrog power. This along with the latest energy savings technologies helps us “practice what we preach” to move Alberta towards a healthier and greener future.
Social and Environmental Responsibility for the world

The Gasonic Group is committed to doing their part to tackle some of the world’s largest issues, which is why we have partnered with Light up the World. Our belief is that the way to end world poverty is through education and empowerment in underprivileged countries. However, when the sun goes down in certain parts of the world school kids cannot read books nor do homework without the use of polluting fuels such as candles and kerosene lamps. Therefore, ending energy poverty is an important step on the road to ending global poverty. Light up the World ( is a non-profit organization founded by former University of Calgary professor Dr. Dave Irvine-Halliday that uses innovative technology to bring sustainable energy to those living off the grid. LUTW estimates that over 1 billion people live without electricity, and endeavors to provide these people with cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions for lighting. In doing so, LUTW also reduces pollutants released into the environment by more primitive lighting methods. Gasonic Group is proud to be partnered with LUTW and is committed to the practice of global stewardship for sustainability.