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The Gasonic Group was formed in 2016 to bring 5 members together under a socially and environmentally responsible umbrella. Members of the Gasonic Group operate with a constant eye on sustainable and socially conscious practices. This allows all members of the Gasonic Group to drive towards a better future for future generations, both locally and globally.
The Gasonic Group Vision
Gasonic Group Ltd. will lead change towards greater sustainability and energy conservation in commercial buildings of all sizes. Our companies will educate clients and inspire environmentally friendly futures through the use of high-tech products, monitoring, equipment, service and consultation. We will be known for our professional standards, reliable technology, service dedication and respect for regulatory requirements.
The Gasonic Group Mission
At Gasonic Group Ltd. we offer sustainable solutions and reliable maintenance through our five companies. Each branch is committed to using cutting edge technologies and industry leading practices to provide personalized service to clients of all types. Gasonic group protects every breath you take by creating environmentally healthy spaces in which to live, work and play.
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Our mission is to create a safe and healthy environment in commercial buildings by providing the best technological solutions to monitor hazardous gases while saving our client’s money. Use innovative business thinking to inspire and implement sustainable practices.
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Our mission is to provide our clients with a large inventory of reliable, well maintained and quality control instruments to monitor the environment, health and safety of the industrial and office workplace.
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Provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to Indoor Air Quality assessments by using a multi-discipline experience team with access to the best equipment available for proper testing.
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To provide a recycle system for all types of light bulbs with zero pollution to the air, water and soil. Re-use over 99.9% of the rare earth elements, metals and glass for a more sustainable future.
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Our mission is use innovative and reliable energy efficient lighting technologies to save our customers money and inspire them towards greater sustainability.

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